It is a cloud-based software for talent agencies and freelance agents and managers to manage their workflow. Users can rapidly onboard talent like models, artists, etc. and capture all their details. They can also create and manage projects, clients, invoices, events, media and more.

Our advantage lies within 3 key areas – Management, Analytics & Automation. The representation industry is still stuck in its old ways. We are trying to bring it into the 21st century. To find out more please look at our Product page.


We provide a desktop app for Mac and Windows which can be used if you do not have a modern browser.

Please download it here for Mac & here for Windows

There is a “I forgot my password” link at the bottom of the team login page. Please click on that and follow as instructed.

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Security & Privacy

At Staragent we take the security of your data very seriously; its our job to make sure that your data remains secure. We can’t go into specifics for obvious reasons. But rest assured we are using the best in class security systems and processes, supported by many layers of encryption and protection, in order to help you sleep at night.

Staragent adheres to the highest standards when it comes to privacy and data security. Additionally, the data centers in which we host our servers have various certifications and compliance audits, which you can read about here:

Some customers must comply with regulations that require data to reside in a specific country. These customers should please let us know about this requirement in advance so that we can try to accommodate this request.

While Staragent takes every precaution to provide security of the cloud, it remains our customers’ responsibility to provide security from their side. Security from their side means that customers are responsible for the security of their accounts by helping us set strict and strong passwords especially for Administrator accounts. They should also be vigilant about whom they are providing account access to their agency account. Staragent ensures the security and integrity of the servers, storage and backup facilities that comprise our global cloud platform.

Generally compliance with data privacy and security laws involves configuring services and training employees to use those services in a way that maintains compliance requirements for a given industry and location. Staragent offers our customers to work with us in order to achieve the flexibility to configure and manage their data according to their compliance requirements, whatever those requirements may be.


Please enter your team/agency name in this link . This should take you to your team’s login page.

Staragent offers secure backups to keep your data safe and sound. The frequency of backups depend on your company’s pricing plans. The options to choose from are – Weekly, Daily & Hourly.

Yes. We allow you to customize the interface by uploading your logo under Settings > Edit Agency Settings > Agency Logo

Our servers run on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. We are primarily running out of the North Virginia U.S. Datacenter. The uptime of AWS services (and subsequently our platform) can be checked here:


Our subscriptions are tiered, based on the number of people you have in your Team or Organization. We’ve made it free for the FIRST 30 DAYS for agencies just starting out. We want your team to really feel the value out of this product before you decide to pay us by choosing one of our pricing plans above.

You can purchase Staragent with any major credit card. For the Enterprise Plan, we can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer or check. Please contact us at to arrange an invoice purchase. Monthly purchases must be paid for by credit card.

You can add as many new teammates as you need before changing your subscription. Once you reach the limit of your currently subscribed plan, we will ask you to update your plan in order to add more.

Protecting the data you trust to Staragent is our first priority. Staragent uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. We regularly back up your data to prevent data loss and aid in recovery.

We’re happy to work with really big agencies using Staragent to customize the price under the Enterprise plan. Contact us at

Yes. Please contact us at and we will cancel your subscription from the next month onwards.

We can help you update that information for now. Please contact us at to let us know.

We’ve built in discounts at each tier for giving the best value to appropriately sized agencies. We also offer a  30 DAY FREE trial before your annual subscription begins.

We are passionate about the web. We don’t plan to offer an internally hosted version of Staragent.We hope you trust us to provide a robust and secure service so that you can focus on getting value out of our platform!

Yes! We have a FREE 30 DAY trial. This does not require a credit card to sign up. During this time, your agency will be restricted to the limitations of the Starter Plan. If you need to go beyond those restrictions, we can help you start your monthly/annual subscription for one of the higher plans.

If you have any further queries, please email us at